After making the long trip from Canada to Auckland, I started to feel a bit congested. My friend gave me a MEB inhaler to try out not only did I instantly feel my sinuses clear up, but it also cleared my head and gave me a very much needed boost of energy. I very much recommend this product to anyone that travels a lot, I know I’ll definitely be keeping one in my bag no matter where I am in the world!


I use my MEB Inhaler almost every day! Being someone that works long hours, I’ve found that using my MEB inhaler is the perfect all-natural way to give me that little boost I need to kick any lethargic feelings to the curb. This product is amazing for anyone that’s looking for a natural way to energize the mind, soothe the nerves, reduce chest/ nasal congestion and even relieve a headache. I would recommend this product to all my friends and family.


I was gifted a MEB inhaler while visiting a friend in Auckland and I must say I’m hooked! Like most kids, my mum would rub menthol ointment on my chest whenever I would get sick and I hated it; it was so sticky and messy. The MEB inhaler has created a product that’s mess-free, easy to use and with the packaging being so small and compact, I can easily keep one at work, in my purse even my car. I wish we had a product like this in Montreal, that being said, I’ve already requested a box be shipped half way across the world for me! Highly recommend this product.


My thoughts on the Inhaler 2in1.

It’s an incredible little remedy, I think the reason I love it. Is because it contains all Natural ingredients and after use, it can sometimes last me 2-3 Hours before I need a good wiff.

The other benefit is when I’m at home or before bed I can use the other end to apply under my nose for a better nights rest!

Such a great idea! It works a treat! I’m so so grateful!

Nadia Khalil

I have sinusitis which leaves me with breathing issues. Since I have started using MEB Inhaler, I have found it easier to breathe. Love that it is so small yet so powerful. Can carry it anywhere!

Anjali, 24 years, Auckland