Lifestyle Uses


Suffering from cough and cold, dust and fumes from a construction site, headaches, congestion or blocked sinus hampering your day? Breathe away your symptoms with the new MEB inhaler – clear the head and revitalise your day


Allergies, most sporting activities, and snoring can all cause nasal overload and congestion – we have all experienced it. Helps to stop the dripping nose caused by allergy or flu.

Before during or after exercise – inhale through each nostril making breathing cool and clear. For joggers and cyclists – a must. Your MEB inhaler is small and light enough for any pocket.


Everyone notices congestion or a dryness of the nose during air travel, a little vertigo or nausea from other forms of travel, new environments where the air is not as clear. The MEB inhaler is your perfect travel companion – an occasional inhalation or a drop will help to clear the way and reinvigorate your day.

How to Use:

The MEB Inhaler 2 in 1 consists of 3 parts


  • The cap


  • The nasal inhaler


  • The liquid container or dropper

An inhaler should be correctly used by inhaling nearby rather than directly in contact with the nose. Inhale through each nostril in turn, placing a finger on the other nostril while inhaling.

Alternatively you can place a drop or two onto a tissue, handkerchief or back of the hand then inhale the vapours. It may be applied outside of the nose but with a very small amount

The inhaler can only reduce the symptoms temporarily and inhalers should not be shared as this may cause infection.

If symptoms persist or where the symptoms are severe you should consider seeking medical advice.