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Breathe away your symptoms with the new MEB Inhaler

Oxygen is the spark that drives the body’s engine, without which our muscles, brain, and heart would slowly grind to a halt.

For that reason, Nature decided to put it in the air, where it would be readily accessible …..

After much experimentation, research and with a focus on quality the guys at Pharmacy Care Systems along with our marketing partner Pharmacy Link bring you

MEB inhaler 2 in 1 – your travel, work and play companion.

Making breathing feel cool and clear


The ingredients that make it so awesome!


Used to reduce nausea and cold symptoms, it is also used to treat headaches and may also help reduce nerve and muscle pain.


Used to treat coughs and reduce the symptoms of the common cold. Inhaling eucalyptus oil may also help loosen mucus, so it is often used to reduce the congestion associated with bronchitis and influenza.


The power and lingering aroma of camphor can be a good decongestant. It can instantly alleviate congestion of the nasal tracts and lungs, so it is widely used an ingredient of present inhalers.


A component of many essential oils, Medically, it is mixed in an inhaler for nausea relief and it is a natural insect repellent.
After making the long trip from Canada to Auckland, I started to feel a bit congested. My friend gave me a MED inhaler to try out not only did I instantly feel my sinuses clear up, but it also cleared my head and gave me a very much needed boost of energy. I very much recommend this product to anyone that travels a lot, I know I’ll definitely be keeping one in my bag no matter where I am in the world! Vanessa

Is it safe for children & precautions for use

Not suitable for children under 3 months. Keep all medicines away from children.

Contra-indicated in patients with hypersensitivity to menthol, eucalyptus any of the other ingredients

Use in pregnancy and lactation

Use of this product in the above conditions is not considered likely to cause any harmful effects.

Effects on ability to drive and use machines

None known

Pharmacodynamic properties

Eucalyptus oil has been used as an inhalation, often in combination with other volatile substances. Menthol is used to relieve symptoms of bronchitis, sinusitis and similar conditions. Assists in making breathing feel clear and cool from conditions such as:

Cough and cold, Congestion headache, Environmental, Travel, Vertigo, Motion sickness, Snoring, Sporting activities, Workplace, dust and fumes, Allergies such as hay fever.

Also can be used as a natural insect repellent – your total travel, work and play companion